Simon Lawry - New Zealand

Simon Lawry is from Christchurch and came to Christ almost 40 years ago through the Brethren Church he attended growing up. His family immigrated to Adelaide, Australia in 1985 and where he eventually met his wife Joanne whom he has been married for 29 years and together they have 3 children.

Simon has always been involved in the church and studied Christian Ministry at Adelaide College of Ministries graduating in 2002 before going on to pastor his home church south of Adelaide.

In 2014 Dr Deane Woods from The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry in Australia approached Simon to consider re-starting the mission in New Zealand where it hadn’t had full time representation in many years. After prayerful consideration and acceptance from the FOI Board in the US, Simon & Joanne moved to Auckland with 2 of their children in 2016 to start the process of FOI-NZ.

In standing in solidarity with the Jewish people, teaching truth about Israel and Messiah as well as reaching out to the next generation, Simon is seeking to bring believers back to the foundational things of faith in these last days.